CabStar Professional
When cutting God's best......CabStar
CabStar Ergonomically Shaped Dop sticks were designed to be used with CA instant
glues (Super glue) to attach the stone to the dop stick and removed with a solvent such
as Golden West Super Solvent. The dop sticks are cupped on the ends to form a 1/32"
rim that attaches to the stone, and have cross holes to allow solvent to enter so the glue
will be dissolving from inside at the same time it is dissolving from the outside to reduce
removal time. The rim automatically squares the stone to the dop stick, and the dop stick
is easily centered on the stone. The dop sticks may also be used with standard dop wax.
Cabstar Dop sticks are precision machined from solid aluminum bar with a blue anodize
finish. Built for a lifetime of use. The last dop stick you may ever want to use.
Hot Stuff Red (thin) CA glue was used to glue the opal pictured above and it released in
about 15 minutes using Super Solvent. Thickened CA glue will increase release time.
         U.S.A. orders only (Presently)
Set of three small dop sticks 3/16", 1/4", and 3/8" dia.  $19.95
Set of three large dop sticks 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4" dia.     $22.95
Set of all six dop sticks 3/16" thru 3/4" dia.                      $39.95
Special Limited Time Introductory pricing
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CabStar Professional
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Isanti, MN 55040
Not Sure? Try one stick. Choose any size  3/16 to 3/4"   $7.95 ( Includes S/H )
( Specify size during checkout, in instructions to seller,
Limit of 1 dop stick )
Made in USA